Julia Pesce : aguila de papel

2017-08-21 / 2017-10-01 Artist's space < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Julia Pesce : aguila de papel

The intense family and personal experience that I had when immersed in practising Tensegrity in Los Angeles was quickly and partially wiped out a short time after moving away from there, and suddenly being back in my native country. However, my private diaries and those of my mother, aunt and sister held the record of that experience. In conversations, memories that evoke that time are shot out in a thousand different directions. I rummage through old home videos and I read the diaries. I look at all of it again. I search for the people who accompanied us on that path. I find questions, contradictions and cracks. Is it possible to adapt these ancient, secret and geographically-specific practices to a lifeless modern world that wants to consume an easy-to-digest spirituality? How can the potential for a genuine mystical and spiritual experience be translated to our 'agenda’?

Length: 75’
Language: Castellano
Shooting format: ---
Shooting location: Argentina

In 1996 my mother and my aunt travel to Los Angeles following Carlos Castaneda´s steps, the famous american writer and anthropologist. They began to practice Tensegrity, a modern and adapted versión of shamanic ancient practices and traditions from Mexico made public by him in his books and workshops, and sponsored by his for-profit corporation (Cleargreen Inc). The intense experience begins to crack as the complexities of modern and globalized life threat the mystical promises they offer.