Gure begien bitartez = A través de nuestros propios ojos = Through our eyes

2018-04-17 / 2018-04-20 UBIK. Tabakalera Creation Library < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Gure begien bitartez = A través de nuestros propios ojos = Through our eyes

Film and photographu workshop

Film and photography workshop for young people and adults, locals or visitors.

We will use a variety of practical exercises to focus on the representation of peripheral identities and the narration of personal stories. That is, telling the story by means of small stories.

The exercises will attempt to show how complex ideas can be conveyed through simple stories, using tools such as writing in the first person, family albums, personal archives, appropriationism and self-portrait.

We will create an audiovisual recording and a fanzine to depict our own cinematographic and photographic story, and in doing so generate a space for meeting, dialogue and reflection on image and representation.


Day 1

Introduction to gaze. Origins.
 Portrait and self-portrait. Intimate gazes. Practical audiovisual exercise: first person walk.

Day 2

Creative process I. Where from and where to? What do I want to relate, and how? Practical photographic exercise: the family album.

Day 3

Creative process II. Where from and where to? Decision-making when producing a photo-book.  Practical photography exercise: creating a photo-book. Image selection + narrative discourse.

Day 4

Home and day-to-day cinema. Minority identities in the mainstream. Creative process III. Where from and where to? Authorship. Practical audiovisual exercise: portraits of others.

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