John Henry Gerena : el extraño

2018-01-22 / 2018-03-04 Artist's space < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
John Henry Gerena : el extraño

Photomontage: John Gerena 
Graffiti art: Laurier st, Montreal - Bogotá, Toxicomano.
Anonymous picture: Pedestrians in Great Windmill Street, London, 1930


What does it mean to be an immigrant? What does it mean to be a stranger in a far-off land?

El extraño (The Foreigner) is a contemporary dance piece that seeks to collect the wealth of sensations and emotions faced by immigrants, regardless of their origin or their reasons for migrating. It is not a critical look at the immigration crisis; instead, it is a look at the interior of the individual – loneliness, homesickness, anxiety and expectations, displacement and resettlement.  Bodies, spaces and relationships, losses and rewards, emptiness, unrest and disorientation, imbalance, questioning and dispossession.