Hiria eta migrazio prozesuak = Ciudad y procesos migratorios = Cities and migration processes

2018-05-17 / 2018-05-19 Z Hall < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Hiria eta migrazio prozesuak = Ciudad y procesos migratorios = Cities and migration processes

Three-day meeting on migration processes that will include the participation of experts in this field as well as various related organisations, within the framework of the Harrotu ileak mediation project. It will involve different activities, such as talks, workshops, presentations, etc.

All of us who make up our society live in a world of incessant movement. With the aim of finding a solution to individual and collective needs, and looking for new times and places, we pack our dreams into a bag and embark on an adventure. These movements often reveal the economic differences between north and south, and characteristics such as the place of birth can facilitate or hinder the path. The flow usually takes two directions: on the one hand, from south to north, the movement involving the search for new life opportunities; and on the other, from north to south, the movement being more related to leisure time, with perspectives of apparent social well-being. Migration belongs to the first group, and is often regarded as a problem, while the second group tends to be viewed in terms of possibilities.

What are identities, and how are they constructed? What are the social indicators according to which some identities are legitimised while others are excluded? In what ways do certain groups adapt and transform themselves, and how are they visible in our public and private spaces? We are well aware that among us, in our streets, more and more people live in situations of great vulnerability, and it is no coincidence that most of them are part of groups of migrants or refugees without official documentation.

Among the people that inhabit the shared spaces of Tabakalera there are many that fit this description. The Harrotu ileak project was launched a year ago from the mediation area with the conviction that from the field of art and culture it is possible to react to these situations.

These sessions have been organised with the aim of analysing and understanding this framework, to build networks that can provide a response both from the field of art and through social education. These sessions have been organised in collaboration with Onintze Kamio Landa and Oier González Bilbatua.

Guest speakers: Santiago Alba Rico, Mercedes Jiménez, Felipe Polanía, Ahmed Al-Nawas, Samira Goddi, Loira Manzani, Ane Iturbe, and others.



* All the activities will take place at Z Hall (1st floor). Live streaming: streaming.tabakalera.eu


MAY 17

18:30 Migrations and global crisis (ES + AR)

Santiago Alba Rico

19:30 A life experience (ES + AR)

Katya Reimberg

20:00 Museum of Impossible Forms (EN)

Ahmed Al-Nawas


MAY 18

18:30 Movilities and borders. From precariousness to mediation (ES+ AR)

Mercedes Jiménez

19:30 A life experience (ES + AR)

Ibrahim Reghioui

20:00 The guide to stay (ES + AR)

Felipe Polanía

20:45 Harrotu ileak  (EU + AR)

Ana Revuleta and Leire San Martín, Tabakalera's mediation team


MAY 19

9:30 Picture of the local context I (EU + ES + AR)

Samira Goddi, Ane Iturbe, Laia Abokatuak, Loira Manzani

11:30 Picture of the local context II (EU +ES + AR)

Bidez Bide association, Kolore Guztiak association, Ongi Etorri Errefuxiatuak movement

16:00 Workshop

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Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

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