Waqui : the water quality initiative

2018-10-10 / 2018-11-06 Hirikilabs. Digital Culture and Technology Laboratory < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Waqui : the water quality initiative

WaQuI: The Water Quality Initiative is a workshop in which we investigate the issues related to the quality of coastal and continental water within the Donostialdea area. 

In this new workshop that take place every Wednesday, from October 10th to 31 of 2018, we focus on water quality. 

What we did and learn in the workshop? 

  • We sampled the sea and river water in various areas of the city.
  • We analyzed the samples obtained to determine biological and physical-chemical parameters that may affect their quality, seeking to understand the information they provide us about the state of the water. 
  • We documented the whole process. During the week of science, Zientzia Astea 2018, we presented the results in the Hirikilab´s Citizen Science stand. WaQuI is a project that is born from the Open Citizen Environmental Research Group (GAIMEC) , that places in Tabakalera , in collaboration with the collective IMVEC (Institute of Monitoring and vigilance of Contaminated Spaces).