Fokua : L'intrus = Foco : L'intrus = Focus : L'intrus

2018-10-27 / 2018-11-04 Cinema < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Fokua : L'intrus = Foco : L'intrus = Focus : L'intrus

Image: The Intruder, Roger Corman, EUA, 1962

Dialogues with Natasha Marie Llorens' exhibition.

A film program conceived to complement the concurrent exhibition at Takabalera, entitled L'Intrus after Jean-Luc Nancy's eponymous essay. Both the exhibition and the film program try to think l'intrus, or the stranger, as a relationship that the body has first with itself, or with its own central organ, the heart. Each of the four programmed evenings pairs a feature length film with a short film, and in three cases the shorter work is a video work by a contemporary visual artist. The comparison, for example, between Roger Corman’s notion of an intruder in the context of the Southern United States in the middle of the 1960s struggle over civil rights, and Iván Argote’s present-day video journal of two hapless North American tourists to Colombia and the South of Spain, links a historical context to contemporary formal experimentation on similar thematic ground. The programming also oscillates between the tragic humor of Samir Ramdani’s Zombie Movie, modeled after B-grade horror movies from the early 20th century, and Chantal Ackerman’s quiet and sinister documentary portrait of the fear of contagion across the US-Mexico from the early 21st century. With each shift in tone, the viewer is reminded of the complexity of their own affective response to appearance of l’intrus.  

Natasha Marie Llorens



27 October, Saturday, 20:00
Vers Nancy, Claire Denis, Germany, United Kingdom, 2001, 10'
L'Intrus, Claire Denis France, 2003, 129'

2 November, Friday, 20:00
Zombie Movie, Samir Ramdani, 2016, France, 20'
Cat People (La mujer pantera), Jacques Tourneur, USA, 1942, 73'

3 November, Saturday, 20:00
The messengers, Iván Argote, 2014, France, 30’
The Intruder, Roger Corman, USA, 1962, 84' *

4 November, Sunday, 19:00
Vers La Tendresse, Alice Diop, France, 2016, 39'
De l'autre côté, Chantal Akerman, France, 2002, 103'

* FOOT NOTE: During the screening of this movie there will be an "intruder" artistic intervention; the artist Jon Otamendi will propose an action from his series La palabra suceder (2018).

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Cinema, Projection, Focus, Natasha Marie Llorens, Zinema maite dugu


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