Circo de Sastre

2018-11-02 / 2018-11-04 Patio < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Circo de Sastre

Storytellers of sound, cloth and light, the Japanese Circus of Sastre bring their particular universe to Europe.

With live music by Cinema Dub Monks, improvised lighting by Takashi Watanabe and meters and meters of fabric cut, shredded and sewn by Suzuki tailor Takayuki, shamanic artists such as the Japanese performers from Circo de Sastre who, in the wake of their success in Japan, will be performing in San Sebastian for the first time ever. Standard bearers of an invented genre, they will present a live music concert, a dance number, a new circus show, a tailoring lesson, a performance and a theatre piece and all-in-one, telling a story woven with sound, fabric and light. The audience will find itself transported to a far-off place with familiar feelings.

Founded in 2014 by Daiho Soga and Gandhi Nishigaki (musicians from CINEMA dub MONKS), tailor Suzuki Takayuki and lighting artist Watanabe use all of the resources available to them to create scenarios and stories while directing the emotions of those that watch them. Suzuki creates the set design live with his sewing machine or he dances, dressing up the space. Daigho and Gandhi improvise a musical landscape with instruments they have made themselves as well as other traditional instruments, while Watanabe alters the perceptions of the human eye, creating magic with light. As they explain: “We make manual use of everything within our reach: space, music, light, shadow, clothing, etc. to capture the instant that moves a person’s heart. We seek the roots of universal (and innovative) expressive methods that can be maintained for centuries, even after we have disappeared. We want our audiences to have fun without knowing how to put into words what they have seen or experienced, for them to return to childhood. We want to make people feel free and for them to leave wanting to live their lives freely”.

Circo de Sastre at Tabakalera:

Friday, 2 November: 8pm-10pm
Saturday, 3 November: 12pm - 2pm and 8pm-10pm
Sunday, 4 November: 6:30pm - 8:30pm