Museum hours. Circuito (B aldea) = Museum hours. Circuito (Cara B)

Museum hours. Circuito (B aldea) = Museum hours. Circuito (Cara B)

Cara B is a meeting at the Tabakalera's Sukaldea space to contextualise the Circuit film projection sessions. At Tabakalera we invite film critics, musicians, artists, curators, writers, etc. once a month on the day after the screening to round off the film with a discussion which delves into the work of the director of the month.

CARA B January
Watch the fire burn, the films of Jem Cohen.
By Ramón Ayala and Javier Manterola.

For this first session we have invited Ramón Ayala who will provide an outline of Jem Cohen's films. Ramón creates films, directs video clips and writes on music and moving images in Rockdelux, Neo2 and Scope. He has also written books on Larry Clark, Jia Zhang-ke, Barbet Schroeder and Terrence Davies.

Javier Manterola is a vocalist and guitarist in the band Lisabö. We have invited Javi to tell us something about the bands that always appear in Jem Cohen's films: from Fugazi to Vic Chesnutt via Patti Smith and The Ex.

We would like to think that this first session will seem like a concert in black and white - with fragments of films, video clips, electric guitar and some records being played.